Frequently Asked Questions

+How do I buy a product on Arugey?

You can only enquire a product that is available on Arugey. This will let the seller to contact you with the information that you have agreed to share.

+How do I send an enquiry?

Each product that is display in Arugey has a button named “enquire”. Clicking on that will ask you what contact information you want to share with the enquiry. Once selected your enquiry will be submitted.

+What is Locate store?

Arugey allows you to locate a store that is in an area that you have entered in search, along with details such as the store’s contact info, distance away from your location, etc. provided the store is registered with Arugey.

+How do I contact a seller?

A seller’s contact information is displayed in the seller’s profile. You can contact a seller through that information.

+How do I pay a seller?

Payment transactions happens outside based on the terms between buyer and seller. Arugey does not take or allow payment through the website.

+While making an enquiry what information is shared to a seller?

You will be asked which information is to be shared, whether you mobile number or your email id and the one you choose will be share with the seller.

+How do I sell on Arugey?

Register as a vendor to sell on Aruegy on

+What are the pricing plans involved in Arugey?

Arugey is free to use as a end-user of While there are certain pricing plans that are involved in order to sell on Arugey along with a free plan.

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